Speaking and Presenting

Speaking and Presenting

The Art of Being Genuine

Beverly Dracos brings enthusiasm and humor to her favorite topic – Communicating. Trust is the most valuable commodity in the marketplace today. Beverly will show you how you can transform your business and invite trust by communicating a genuine message. Change the message and Change your business from the inside out. She shares the insights she has gained from her research and experience in writing and marketing consulting.
Beverly is one of the authors that will be included in the book “The Relationship Age” where she will address genuine communication in the online environment.


How to Communicate with Your Doctor

This presentation is offered as a public service to support groups, health organizations, and assisted living centers.
The doctor/patient relationship is critical to dealing successfully with medical issues. The time in the office is short. How do you make the most of the visit?

How to Communicate in an Online Environment

Studies show that a high percentage of emails are completely misunderstood. Poor communication skills in the online environment can create aggravation, lost productivity, office drama and legal liability. Beverly teaches a formula for replacing confusion with clarity.

Contact Beverly’s Virtual Assistant Team if you would like more information about having her speak to your group or provide a presentation/training module.