Content Development

Content Development

At Genuine Communications we create that mystical, magical stuff called content.  It is the heart of all business communications.  We research, we write and we convey the principal substance of your message in a way that connects and resonates with your audience. 


Newsletters• Websites •Video Scripts •Catalog Copy •Articles
•Press Releases  •White Papers • Speeches • Blogs •Autoresponders
• Menus• Brochures •Direct Mail

The Process:

Develop Core Content Strategy – This involves drilling down deeply to find the central messages that will be repeated frequently in many different contexts.  The vehicle that delivers the message and the story that conveys the message will change, but the core content will remain consistent through every aspect of your communications.  This step is critical to success.

Research – When my father worked at Stanford Research Institute as a mining and minerals economist he taught me, ”If you gather enough good information, the right answer will just fall out.”  Solid research is the foundation of all effective writing.

Ask the Right Questions – Whether you need survey data, testimonials, articles, white papers or video scripts – asking the right questions to get beyond superficial information is the key to creating truly valuable content.

Write – Compelling copy speaks directly to your target audience in a way that says you understand what they need, what they want and why they are reading the material in front of them.  Clarity is the cornerstone of good communication.

Connect – Good content forges a connection with the reader creating a bond that invites trust and provides value.  Loyalty begins here.

Add Value – Content must be relevant and valuable.  Genuine communication is not self-serving fluff.  It has real substance. 


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