Genuine Marketing

As a copywriter, I love to study what my husband refers to as junk mail.  I just received an advertisement for Romano’s Macaroni Grill.  It contains several elements worth noting:

  1. The layout uses lots of white space.  Very pleasing to the eye.  When we are trying to convey information it is easy to forget the power of white space.
  2. They don’t steer away from the use of “Italian” but they modify it with the word “Mediterranean” which is definitely perceived as healthier fare.
  3. In the title they use the words Simply Better
  4. Throughout the piece each subhead uses the word Better

Better Ingredients, Better Recipes, Better Cooking Methods, Better Flavor, Better For You

  1. The piece ends with Simply Better. “At Romano’s, it all adds up to one undeniable truth:  Italian Mediterranean cooking is simply better.”
  2. The food photos are attractive enough to induce a surge in appetite.
  3. There is a coupon that begs me to “Taste the Difference”.

This is a classically good piece of advertising.  What would make it a genuinely good advertisement?  This will be a genuinely good advertisement if the food is truly healthier and better.  I’ve got my coupon.  I’ll let you know.  Genuine marketing always involves an experience that confirms the message.

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